Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rest in Peace, Scott

Scott Libby was killed in a car accident in Bethel, Maine, early in the morning on Friday 2/20. His mother Nancy, his extended family, and his many friends are devastated by the loss. This blog was created by one of Scott's cousins as a place to post information for members of Scott's online community near and far. Comments will be shared with his family. We thank you all for the support that you have already expressed, and that which we know you will continue to express.

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  1. Scott you were one of the most driven, hard working, and caring young man i will ever meet. My heart goes out to Nancy, his family, and the many friends who loved him. He will be deeply missed. HR Block will never be the same with out our Scottie2Hottie zipping around doing his thing. Rest in Peace my friend, coworker, and drillsargent in the greenhouse. I love you man.

  2. We are so grateful to have gotten to know Scott while at the Farmer's Market. We will sorely miss his smile, expertise and easy-going nature. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family and friends. Cindy, Sue, Linda, Scott, Becky & Liam

  3. Feb 21, 2009 9:36 PM
    Nancy, What you are going through is the worst, possble pain and nightmare a parent can have to deal with. Your faith will get you through it. You will never forget this but in time you'll be able to live with it. Before you get to that point, it's going to be hell. My mother knows what you are going through, for we lost my brother at an early age and she has been crying all day for she thought the world of Scott. Scott use to spend weekends with us when he was at school and helped me out in the yard. Both my parents thought very highly of Scott. My dad passed away in August of 2007, but at least he had lived a full life. . I'll be in touch. At the moment, I am just sick over this for Scott knew if he had a problem, to come to me and he knew I would help in out in every human way possible. This is why this is so upsetting to me.
    Bill Nuttall

  4. Scott, this has been so unbelievably hard, esp. without you. For as long as I can remember you have been there through every heart ache, since the 6th grade. the break-ups, the losses and the joys, we've cried together about your dad, when your dog passed away in the ninth grade we cried together for 7 hours on the phone, lost friends, later my dog sophomore year of college you cried with me for 6 hours, then Jack. Your empathy and love was so endless that it is impossible to believe your loss as your gone- you're the person I need to talk to the most right now. I'm so glad to have shared so many joy's and moments of laughter with , because while you always knew the right moment to cry you always knew when it was appropriate (and sometimes horribly and deliciously inappropriate) to laugh again. It was always exactly what the person you were with needed, exactly what I needed. I could never have asked for a better best friend. You were incapable of passing judgment, and could forgive any flaws in the people you knew, and Everyone you have meet has thought so highly of you. I took or granted that you would simply always be there, because growing up with you , being inspired by your motivation and selflessness, you were more then a friend, you became part of who I am, part of my heart, and part of my family. My family feels the same way- you used to tease me about being my dads favorite kid, I know there were moments in High school and college he agreed with you. I am so proud to have called you my friend, so proud of the person you became, and so terrified to go on growing up without you...I'll always love you, Scott, and always miss you. You are a piece of my heart that is now gone, and I hope You are at peace where you are, driving a Bentley, and In a HUGE mansion (with a pool) because it is what we always planned.
    -all my heart
    <3 Melissa

  5. Dear Nancy,
    As the girls were getting ready for the services yesterday they kept saying "I'm not sure I can do this, it's too hard"
    I told them that saying Good Bye was also a very important part of life.
    Like you my husband and I have been through many of the gatherings for losses in our life of parents...etc. But Scott's services were definitely a Celebration of Life. The comfort I found to say good bye in that church filled with so much love for Scott! Also the memories, it's good to know Scott would show up at someone elses house at 2 AM, for that was Scott.
    Also as a parent I wanted to be there and be strong for my daughters if they needed me. But they did not. Seeing the love and support you were receiving from you family and all the love in that Church strengthened us all.
    As I said my heart aches for Nancy but I am sure I will need advice for all these grandsons I now have(being the mom of all girls.) and if I could pass on even 1 of Scotts attriblutes I would feel honored. Pam Tapley