Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thoughts on this site

This site is entitled "Scott Libby Memorial". I have documented the initial unfolding of the tragic event which took Scott from us too soon, created the photo album, and publicized a few other relevant sites such as Jenn Raymond's touching memorial site and the online obituary text and guestbook. Although called a memorial site, my secondary purpose for the site was as a portal to publicize important information for out-of-towners, notably the memorial service. That purpose is now largely over, at least until a trial date is set, which could be some time into the future.

While I think that important new information should continue to be posted, I find myself currently wondering where to draw the line. Should I continue to post a link to every news story that appears? I doubt that every news story from here to the trial will contain information that is useful to us, Scott's family and friends. Certainly they will not all be easy to read. Perhaps I should only post links to stories that contain new information, not just rehashed from another source? Less clear is what if the information may be new, but consists mostly of distressing details or allegations which do not really contribute much to our understanding of the case? Sensationalism?

I have already made a decision on one aspect of that: I am not going to link to blog articles about the case, which by their nature tend to go beyond the strictly factual, into the realm of reaction, opinion, and even rumor. The case is beginning to lend itself to that, unfortunately, but I don't think any useful purpose is served to us, Scott's friends and family, by documenting all of it. More importantly, although we are obviously not impartial, we also don't want to jeopardize the case by appearing to be promoting a trial by public opinion, or getting involved in the politics that the case has the potential for. If you are interested in that sort of commentary, you know how to use Google.

But, what do you think about news stories? Responsible editorials? Or other purposes for this site? What do you want to know about, or expressly do not want to know about? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

As always, thank you all for your support to Scott's family and friends during this time.

- John

P.S. I hadn't remembered I had set the comments such that only registered users could post one. I have for now set them to be open, so that anyone can comment, even anomymously. Sorry for the confusion. I will monitor them of course to prevent abuse.


  1. Aunt Bertelle, here.
    Thank you, Thank you, thank you. I appreciate your time and effort in making this blogsite. I visit often and find it informative and sensitive. Whatever you decide is okay with me. My choice is that you post everything and let me 'take what I want and leave the rest'. I always go to this site first instead of doing all that surfing and trying to find out what the Maine folks already know. I will respect your decision whatever that may be. I am way too far (FL) away from my sister Nancy, in Maine during this time of need in this horrid chain of unfolding events. Bertelle

  2. I agree with Aunt Bertelle. What I would like is for the MySpace link to be taken off. Some folks are using the page inappropriately and have no compassion for Scott's family and friends. I know they can still get to it but it wouldn't be an easy click as it is here. Thanks for doing what you are doing.

  3. Thanks, Anonymous. I hadn't been following his mySpace page and hadn't realized what was going on there. I agree there is no longer any reason to link to it from here, so I have removed it. Thanks again for pointing it out.

  4. stephanie SleeperApril 3, 2009 at 11:47 PM

    Over the next few weeks and even months to come this tragic story will unfold before us. We must stay true to the Scott we knew and loved dearly. Those memories are so important now. It was that information that gave us the ability to know that this wasn't Scott's doing. And thus, I believe that we need to stay true to those beautiful memories, as we endure the cruelty of the world that Scott set out to plant with beautiful flowers! IT is almost planting season...Lets all tribute our gardens to Scott and true justice. please do keep the blog spot open so that we can support eachother throughout this tragic situation. Remember his beautiful spirit, compassion, and understanding all which were reflected by his love!

  5. Cousin Vicky
    Today is Easter and we are to make memories. Yet with this on our(family and friends)minds it leaves us to think how precious our time spent here should be doing what we enjoy as Scott did! I love and miss him as I do all of you. We may not live close but our heart are close. Just as my brother is never far from my mind and I will never truly understand why we must live on but keep them close in our hearts. I am so glad that John did this so we can all stay informed. I read what I can and some was not so nice but to can chose to read or not to. Having the articles there and the choice is up to us to read or not to has been great. I Thank You John for doing a great job in keeping us all informed. Keep up the great work but take time to enjoy your family too! Hugs and Kisses to all!!!

  6. I'm thinking about putting the link to Scott's MySpace page back in. The comments that some felt were inappropriate have been removed via complaint from some other users to the MySpace administrators. As long is this can continue to happen, I think it might be good to put the link back.

  7. Thank you John,
    I continue to check in and see where people are at in this time of need. I am glad to see the myspace access back online with this page. While the comments got out of hand I feel they had no reflection on me or my family but were only the opinions of those who expressed them. I am sorry we all got confused but I was glad to read all of them. My thoughts and words are very distorted during this time also. I like to read all of them.