Saturday, June 27, 2009

Memorial Garden Completed

Jennifer Raymond writes:
The garden has now been established and is beautiful. Feel free to go and check it out at Windham High School. Also, feel free to add any flowers you would like to. The plaque will be added very shortly. A very special thank you to Adam Mayo is in order. His greenhouses provided all the flowers, special soil, and enriched water! He also helped me to plant the garden this morning. Thank you so much Adam! Also, I would like to thank Jasmin Nicholson for her help in planting the garden. Thank you Jas! I know a lot of you wanted to help out, but life is never perfect and we do not all have the same schedules. At least now, you all can go down whenever you want and plant at your convenience. A very special thank you also to Kerri-Lee Lampron, Danielle Newcomb, and Adam Mayo for their generous donations towards the plaque.

So enjoy everyone and I know Scott is looking down on us and thankful for such a beautiful thing in his memory.


Jennifer Raymond

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