Thursday, September 24, 2009

Case Closed

The State Attorney General's Office has concluded that it would "fruitless" to reopen the case to investigate other leads following Samson's acquittal, according to this morning's Sun Journal story. Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson stated
There was no information developed during the investigation that would suggest that anyone other than Agostino Samson killed Scott Libby, and my office and the state police still strongly believe that he's guilty of murder.

He also said, regarding the acquittal,
Obviously, I was not present in the jury room during the jury deliberations, and I'm not going to second-guess their decision. Their view of the evidence was simply different from that of the state.

The family is grateful to the Maine State Attorney General's Office, the Maine State Police, and everyone involved in the investigation for their fine work, and again, all friends and family who have been supportive throughout this process. At this point, we are simply attempting to move on.

On an administrative note, I intend to leave this site up indefinitely for future reference, but this will likely be my last posting. Take care, everyone.

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