Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trial, Day 1

Today opening statements were heard first from Assistant State District Attorney Andrew Benson, followed by Defense Attorney Maurice Porter. Benson painted a detailed picture for the jury of what they will show happened in the early morning hours of Friday Feburary 20, while Porter assured them that the State does not have sufficient evidence to prove his client guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt".

Testimony was first heard from the engineer and conductor of the train which slammed into Scott's car, who were obviously first on the scene, followed by the emergency medical technician, and a lengthy testimony with multiple cross examinations from the deputy state medical examiner, who performed the autopsy and answered questions about her findings.

The day concluded with testimony from Scott's friend and employer at the club in Cambridge where he worked part time, and finally from a women who happened to be driving down the road and stopping for gas at the time of the train's collision with the car.

Testimony is to resume tomorrow morning.

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  1. Thanks for the updates. Tell Nancy we are all with her in our thoughts.